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Designed plan of Nyen.
G.Schwengell. May 15, 1644

1 p. Manuscript. Illuminated. 773,7x 975,4 mm. Swedish.
Scale [1:], graphic scale in … West-oriented.
Decoration: The explication in a cartouche, in the area of water of Neva River and Black Stream are sailing vessels and boats.
Territory: The cape formed with the confluence of the Neva and its right tributary Black Stream, right bank of Black Stream.
Shown: a project of the town of Nyen, 8 bastion earthen fortifications around with water moat around Castella (a fortified castle of the Swedish king’s governor-general); a project of four and five-bastion earthen fortress around Castella. In the project an existing marketplace, Cathedral square with the cathedral , a school, houses of pastors are remained. The wooden bridge over the Black Stream (up to Castella there are wooden planking), wooden bridge over the Black Stream right tributary Black Streamlet. In the Black Stream’s mouth are Nyen commercial port moorages. Most of the Nyen streets are designed ones, three of them have names. Vyborg Street turns into state main road to Vyborg. Fortifications are shown with Roman letters, decoding in the explication, among them are: ravelin (D), main fortifications (G) and so on; the places of designed town buildings are here as well (F).
Annotation: A primary project of Nyen with its town fortress works was worked out by G. Schwengell in 1633, but it was not realized. This project presented on May 15, 1644 wasn’t realized also but became a basis for the more real projects.
Literature: B. Jangfeldt, S. Kepsu, W. Ehrensvärd



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